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A 21st Century Approach to Holistic Public Safety

Humboldt Consultants supports holistic public safety efforts by providing research and resources, consulting services for criminal justice policymakers working to reduce recidivism and divert at-risk members of our communities from incarceration, and negotiation services.

Supporting holistic public safety policymakers with research, publications, consulting and negotiation services

Humboldt Awarded a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation and Research Grant for 2015. 

Hiring Guide: Humboldt Consultants has partnered with the Colorado Society for Human Resource Management to publish a free guide for Colorado’s employers. 

Less expensive. More humane. 
Improved public safety outcomes.

Holistic public safety recognizes the interconnection between society and our prisons and jails. For example, barriers to employment and housing for people with a criminal history, releasing people from prison and jail without education, skills, and treatment, recidivism rates that churn the majority of people released from prison back to prison--they're all connected. Victimization, poverty, lack of education, and ill-considered legislation. Corrections costs that grow higher each year. They're connected, as well.


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